Personnel – Additional Exam Information

Types of Examinations:

1. Written tests – usually multiple choices questions and some essay questions and sometimes essay questions. Written tests are held on Saturday at the County Office Building.

a. Open to the public examinations – Anyone who meets the minimum qualifications can take these exams. There is a non-refundable application processing fee; there is a deadline for filing applications.
b. Promotional examinations – These exams are open to permanent employees of the participating agency only who meet the minimum qualifications established for the specific announced examination.

2. Performance Tests – candidates are evaluated on how well they perform a sample of the work.

3. Training and Experience Evaluations – each candidate’s education and work experience is rated against the job requirements. Training and Experience evaluations do not require a candidate to appear as ratings are based on the information candidates submit on their applications.

4. Physical Fitness Screening Tests – for some positions candidates may be required to pass a physical and/or agility test as described on the examination announcement. Physical Fitness tests are usually held at the Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School.

Examination Announcements:

Current exam announcements and the Application for Examination or Employment are available on this web site. In addition, announcements for exams are posted in several locations in the County Office Building, Department of Labor, the Schoharie County Community Action program and Office for the Aging in Cobleskill, the Department of Public Works and the Schoharie County Jail.

Eligible Lists:

Once the results of an examination are received, the Personnel office establishes a List of Eligibles. When a vacancy exists in that title, a canvass of the List of Eligibles is conducted to determine those persons interested in appointment. The Personnel Officer then establishes a Certified List of Eligibles from which the appointing authority can make a permanent appointment.