Planning & Zoning Information

Fifth Generation (5G) Cellular Wireless Technology Information

Flood Plain Information:

Flood Insurance Tip
Construction in Floodplain

Solar Information:

Solar Guidance Documents, Presentations & Sample Ordinances
County Solar Application Fee Resolution
Schoharie County IDA Uniform Tax Exemption Policy

Riparian/Streamside Buffer Information:

Streamside Buffers – What Are They?
Riparian Buffers – What Are Their Values?
Benefits of Riparian Areas and Streamside Buffers
Tools for Protection – Stream Buffers?
Stream Processes

Model Riparian/Streamside Buffer Ordinances:

Village of Richmondville Riparian Habitat Area
Tompkins County Model Streamside Buffer Ordinance
Franklinton Vlaie Tributary Improvement Study, Town of Broome

Model Laws:

Model Wind Energy Facility Law
County Road Preservation Law

Planning Commission:

Planning Commission Information

County Statistics & Land Use Regulations:

Statistics & Land Use Regulations

Cobleskill Small Urban Area Corridor Plan:

Small Urban Area Corridor Plan Info

Hazard Mitigation Information:

Hazard Mitigation Information

Natural Gas:

Emerging Trends in the Marcellus Shale
Introduction To Marcellus Shale
Natural Gas Production
Southern Tier East Technical Paper
Natural Gas Lease Map for Schoharie County

Highway Consolidation Study:

Highway Consolidation Study


Training Survey
Training Survey Course Descriptions
NYS DOT March 11, 2013 Presentation
NYS Department of State Local Government Publications
New York Planning Federation
NYS Department of State Local Government Division
Association of Towns of the State of New York
New York Division of Codes