Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Ronald R. Stevens

Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Schoharie County Sheriff’s Office to safeguard life, property and to improve our community through the enforcement of law in a vigorous, professional, and compassionate manner.

Dating back to 1795, the Office of the Sheriff is one of the oldest offices in government in Schoharie County. The Sheriff, elected by the people, serves as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the County, and is directly responsible for the safety and well being of its citizens. The Sheriff’s Office is staffed by highly trained and dedicated individuals who serve the county in many ways as a full-service law enforcement agency and correctional facility.

The Schoharie County Sheriff’s Office is proud of its continued efforts and well-established community-based approach to policing. The office strives to enhance the quality of life of all who reside here, as well as those who visit and travel through our communities. With a community first foundation, the goals of the agency are achieved by competent and complete investigations, of all incidents, while seeking solutions and fostering a sense of security in communities and individuals.

The Office strives to inform, educate, and cooperate with the people we serve, regarding matters of interest, concern and safety. The men and women of the Office nurture public trust by holding themselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics in line with the Procedural Justice Principles.

The Sheriff’s Office consists of multiple divisions, all staffed and lead by well trained and exceptional members.

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Office Information:

        Location: Harvey Stoddard Public Safety Facility

Physical Address: 157 Steadman Way, Howes Cave, NY 12092

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 159, Howes Cave, NY 12092


Confidential Tip Line:

Phone: 518-295-2295


Emergency: 9-1-1

Non-Emergency: 518-295-8114

Fax 518-295-2278

Pistol Permits:

Stacy Niesz (New Applications)

Phone: 518-295-2226

Charlene Olsen (Amendments)

Phone: 518-295-2202

Civil Office:

Sgt. Jeffrey McCoy (Supervisor)

Phone: 518-295-2268

Fax: 518-295-2267


Phone: 518-295-2269

Fax: 518-295-2267


Phone: 518-295-2266

Sheriff Ronald R. Stevens

Undersheriff Bruce C. Baker

Confidential Secretary Lisa Cornell


Lt. Roger Butler (Jail Administrator)

Phone: 518-295-2264

Fax: 518-295-2284

Court Security:

Phone: 518-453-6994