Town of Gilboa

Alicia Terry

Gilboa Town Hall is switching over to by appointment only, please call
607-588-6400 or email to schedule your appointment. For Tax Collection , please utilize the drop box or mail in payment. If needing to pay by cash , please be sure to schedule an appointment with the tax collector. Payments can also be made online.

Meeting Date: second Monday of each month at 6:30PM at Town Hall, 373 Route 990V, Gilboa.

Recycling Schedule: Town Garage- Wednesdays & Saturdays 8A.M.-Noon

White Metal Schedule: Town Garage- 1st and 3rd Saturday 8A.M.-Noon

The Town of Gilboa is now offering online dog license lookup and renewal.

Once you click on the link, you will be able to look up your dog license by license number, dog name or owner name.

Once your dog is found, you will be shown when it is due and whether or not it can be paid.

This will not allow you to pay if the rabies has expired or if it is more than one year late.

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Town of Gilboa Comprehensive Plan Update
Click here to pay your taxes with a credit card online

Public Documents
Administration and Enforcement of NYS Uniform
Adopting an Exemption for Qualified Volunteer Firefighters
Town Assessment Roll
Town of Gilboa Homesite Local Law
Town of Gilboa Subdivision Regulations
Town of Gilboa Comprehensive Plan
Town of Gilboa Facilities Use Application
Application For Building Permit Extension
Building Permit Packet
Local Law – Dog Licensing
Local Law  – Junkyard Law
Local Law  – Providing for Exemption from Real Property Tax
Local Law – Right to Farm Law
Regulating Telecomunications Towers and Antenna