Public Works

Department of Public Works

The Schoharie County Department of Public Works was organized as a successor to the Schoharie County Highway Department by a Local Law in 1977. The department, through its divisions, is responsible for a wide variety of activities. The department’s staffing is 84 employees. The allocation of these positions has changed over the years to reflect the changing duties and functions of the department. The department takes pride in its ability to professionally deal with workloads, emergencies and responsibilities.Sign outside the Public Works Building

The department is organized into four divisions:

  • Division of Administration
  • Division of Buildings and Grounds
  • Division of Engineering
  • Highway Division

Office Information


Location: 393 Main St., Schoharie, NY 12157

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 249, Schoharie, NY 12157

Phone: 518-295-2330

Fax: 518-295-2331


Dan R. Crandell, P.E., Commissioner
Pat Slater, Deputy Commissioner/Administration
Darrin Palmatier, Deputy Commissioner/Engineering
Ben Cooper, Public Works Administrator
Mark Skinner,Public Works Supervisor
Kyle Hitchcock, Fleet Coordinator
Jennifer Adair, Public Works Office Assistant II
Patricia Wainwright, Public Works Office Assistant II
Sheila Wilday, Account Clerk-Typist


The Division of Administration provides overall financial management of department finances, purchases of equipment and materials, prepares payrolls and oversees fleet operations. In 1991 the Department of Public Works organized to assume responsibility for the maintenance of the County’s fleet of automobiles, buses and trucks and equipment related to highway construction and maintenance.

Buildings & Grounds

The Division of Buildings and Grounds is responsible for the care and maintenance of all County owned and/or leased buildings including the County Office Building, Public Safety Facility, Highway facilities, Old Stone Fort, Blenheim Covered Bridge, and other facilities. Our staff is trained and organized to maximize in-house ability to perform repairs and maintenance of building systems.


The Division of Engineering involves one staff member who prepares plans and supervises construction of engineered facilities. The division also processes permits, provides technical assistance to Towns and other County departments and participates in overall department management.


The Highway Division is responsible for the care and maintenance of the County’s 322 miles of road and 91 bridges. The level of service is maintained through trained management and the use of labor saving equipment.