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Chairman, Board of Supervisors
William A. Federice

Schoharie County, founded in 1795, is nestled in Central New York State and covers 626 square miles.  It is home to 16 towns, 6 villages, 10 hamlets and has an approximate population of 33,000 people.  The county name, which is also the county seat, comes from a Mohawk word meaning “floating driftwood”.

Most of the Southern portion of the county lies within the Catskill Mountains.  The Schoharie Creek watershed spans an area of approximately 950 square miles and the course of the creek includes 2 reservoir-dam systems.  The Gilboa Dam and the Schoharie Reservoir are part of the New York City Water Supply System.  The New York Power Authority operates the Blenheim-Gilboa Dam and its reservoir to produce hydroelectric power.  The headwaters of the Delaware River are located in the Town of Jefferson and tributaries of the Susquehanna River are located in the Towns of Jefferson and Summit.  Schoharie County has many known natural attractions from Howe Caverns, Vroman’s Nose and even the Gilboa Fossils.

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