District Attorney

The District Attorney, elected by the voters, is charged with conducting all prosecutions for crimes and offenses occurring in the county in which she has been elected.

Prosecution of cases in County Supreme and town and village courts within Schoharie County

  • DWI
  • Felony
Office Information:

Location: 157 Steadman Way Howes Cave NY 12092
Mailing Address: PO Box 129 Howes Cave NY 12092
Phone: 518-295-2272
Fax: 518-295-2273


DA – Susan J. Mallery
ADA – Stephen C. Goble
ADA – Evan R. Lane
ADA – Vacant
Confidential Secretary – Carola Tripsas
Legal Assistant – Samantha Holton

Susan J. Mallery, District Attorney
Stephen C. Goble, Assistant District Attorney
Evan R. Lane, Assistant District Attorney
Vacant, Assistant District Attorney
Carola Tripsas, Confidential Secretary
Samantha Holton, Legal Assistant


Traffic Ticket Reduction Procedure