Town of Sharon

Sandra Manko

Meeting Date: 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at
Sharon Town Office, 129 Main St.

Coronavirus Preparedness

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment before making a trip to the Town Office as hours may vary as schools and offices are closing as a precaution to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.  Messages and e-mails will be checked on an ongoing basis.  Taxes can be left in the drop box but no cash in the drop box.  Sorry for any inconvenience and stay well.

Town Clerk, Melissa Olsen 518-284-3010 or Cell # 518-378-4094

Highway Superintendent, William Barbic III 518-284-2492 or Cell # 518-410-4248

Assessor, David Jones 518-284-2212 or Cell # 518-231-2999

Code Enforcement Officer, Jerry Weis 518-234-4590 or Cell # 518-705-2494


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Town of Sharon Pandemic Emergency Operations Plan

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Local Law # 1-2020 Opting Out of Real Property Tax Law Section 487
East Point Solar Facility Photo Simulations
Land Use in the Town of Sharon
Public Documents
Town Assessment Roll
Town of Sharon 2021 Final Budget
Town of Sharon Comprehensive Plan
Town of Sharon Emergency Operations Plan
Town of Sharon Emergency Operations Plan – Hazard Specific Annex
Town of Sharon Road Preservation Law