Village of Cobleskill

Mayor, Rebecca Stanton-Terk
Meeting Date: 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Cobleskill Firehouse, 610 East Main Street, Cobleskill, New York @ 7:00 p.m.

The Village of Cobleskill will have its Independence Day Celebration with a parade starting at 6pm Saturday, July 2 followed by fireworks at dark, let off near the old Best Western

Please help save our roads from unnecessary wear and tear and remove your metal stud snow tires. As per DMV, NY drivers can install studded snow tires for winter. “New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles says drivers are allowed to install snow tires with metal studs for the winter.” The department says by law the studded tires can be used from Oct. 16 through April 30. Thank you!

COVID-19 related Letter from the Mayor




Click here to pay your taxes with a credit card online

Bagged leaf pick up will end Tuesday May 31st.

Please take note that the Village of Cobleskill does NOT conduct business on social media, and does NOT have an official Facebook page. For up to date, accurate information, please call or email our office.


1) If it doesn’t fit in the can, it won’t get picked up
2) Recyclables go in the green lid container. Acceptable comingled recyclables are newspaper, catalogs, cardboard, clean pizza boxes, glass jars, plastic bottles & jugs, tin & aluminum food & beverage cans, milk & juice cartons
3) Household garbage must be in clear plastic bags & go into the black lid container
4) All garbage containers are to be put curbside no sooner than the evening before pick-up and should be removed from the curb the day of pick-up
5) If the cans happen to be buried in the snow, they will not be serviced.
6) Furniture, appliances and large items can go to MOSA for a fee
If you have questions call the village office for assistance

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