Cobleskill Village Waste Water Treatment

Water Pollution Control Plant 
117 Springstead Street
Cobleskill, NY 12043
Emergency On-call: (518) 231-2233
Phone: (518) 234-3691

Office Hours: M-F 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM, closed national holidays.


Superintendent: Gary Slater

Cobleskill Water Pollution Control Plant History

The Cobleskill Water Pollution Control Plant was put on line in November, 1977 as a .750 MGD Tertiary Facility. The treatment process is referred to as the Extended Aeration Process, utilizing gravity settling, biological treatment, and the disinfection of the tertiary effluent.

Due to the growth of the Village and industry, the plant underwent an expansion in 1989 and 1990. The plant was upgraded to 1.800 MGD, more than doubling its capacity in 13 years.

Project History

Work on the improvements to the Village’s waste water facilities was initiated in 1968. By January, 1972, the project had progressed from design through State approval, and was awaiting Federal review and funding. However, due to the lack of commitment by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reimburse the State for the Federal share of eligible project costs financed by the State, the NY Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) withdrew the Cobleskill project.

Following an environmental hearing in June, 1973, the project was approved by the DEC in the fall of 1974 and by the EPA in June of 1975. Construction grants of $260,000 from the State and $1,562,000 from the Federal Government were awarded to the Village to cover a major portion of the estimated $2,233,000 project.

Construction contracted were advertised and bids opened by the Village on October 7, 1975. Construction of the Treatment Plant and trunk sewer was started in December, 1975, with the trunk sewer completed six months later and the Treatment Plant in November, 1977.

Owing to escalating construction costs and additional sewer system evaluation studies mandated by the EPA, the final project cost was approximately $2,950,000.

Plant Operation

The Treatment Plant removes 98% of the suspended solids (TSS) and oxygen-demanding matter (BOD) from the raw sewage through the use of the Extended Aeration Process. The treated tertiary effluent is discharged to the Cobleskill Creek via a submerged diffusion outfall.

At the present time the Treatment Plant has an average daily flow of 1.150 MGD, an average incoming CBOD of 200 mg/l, and an average TSS of 150 mg/l.

The Treatment Plant produces approximately 1300 cubic yards of sludge a year. The sludge is aerobically digested and dewatered on a two-meter Ashbrook-Siomon-Hartley belt filter press. At the present time the Village has a contract with Casella to dispose of the sludge, which is made into compost and landfilled. The sludge right now is totally landfilled. No composting is going on at the present time (1-8-2004).