Public Health – Environmental Health Division

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for enforcing NYS Public Health Law and the State Sanitary Code in Schoharie County. The division provides services, guidance and education, which prevents illness, improves people’s health, protects the environment and enhances the quality of life for all Schoharie County residents.

Sanitary Code for schoharie County – Article 1
Sanitary Code for schoharie County – Article 3

Services and Programs:

Public Water Supplies:

  • Inspects public water supplies
  • Responds to problems and complaints
  • Provides education for private water users
  • Issues health notices and advisories
  • Provides guidance and education to operators of public water systems

Sewage Disposal Systems:

  • Issues permits and conducts inspections
  • Responds to complaints
  • Offers technical assistance for homeowners, contractors and design professionals

Animal Bites – Rabies Prevention:

  • Identifies possible exposure to rabies
  • Provides testing of suspect wildlife and domestic animals
  • Promotes rabies awareness in the community

Clean Indoor Air Act – Smoking – Adolescent Tobacco Use(ATUPA):

  • Conducts routine inspections at regulated facilities
  • Investigates complaints and answers questions
  • Insures compliance with state tobacco laws


  • Responds to emergencies
  • Provides technical support

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program:

  • Identify sources of lead in homes of children with confirmed elevated blood lead levels

Public Health Nuisances

  • Investigates complaints of unsanitary public health conditions

Community Sanitation, Safety and Food Protection
These Facilities are Routinely Inspected and Permitted Annually:

  • Restaurants & bars
  • Public swimming pools
  • Mobile home parks
  • Children’s camps
  • Camp grounds
  • Migrant labor camps
  • Public bathing beaches
  • Hotels and motels
  • Fairgrounds

Environmental Vector & Education:

  • Crow
  • Tick