Economic Development

Economic State of the County Part II: Understanding & Addressing Schoharie County’s Role in Changing Economic Realities

2021 Economic State of the County

Our Mission:

Schoharie County Economic Development is committed to fostering a prosperous and resilient future for our rural community. We support the growth and innovation of our local businesses, the attraction and retention of talent and industry, and the enhancement of our natural and cultural assets. We collaborate with our public and private partners to create a vibrant and sustainable economy that benefits all our residents and visitors.

Our Vision:

Schoharie County Economic Development envisions a thriving and diverse economy that leverages our rich heritage, natural beauty, and entrepreneurial spirit. We aspire to be a destination of choice for visitors, investors, and residents who value our rural charm, cultural diversity, and innovative potential. We strive to create a resilient and inclusive community that celebrates our achievements, supports our challenges, and preserves our quality of life.


Long term goals:

  • To increase the number of jobs and businesses in the county by attracting and retaining talent and industry.
  • To enhance the quality of life and well-being of the residents and visitors by improving the infrastructure, services, and amenities in the county.
  • To preserve and promote the natural and cultural heritage of the county by supporting the conservation and development of its resources and attractions.

Short term goals:

  • To implement the economic development strategy report and monitor its progress and impact.
  • To provide training and resources to the existing and potential business owners and entrepreneurs in the county.
  • To collaborate with the public and private partners to identify and address the challenges and opportunities for economic growth and prosperity in the county.

Office Information:

Contact: John Crescimanno, Economic Development Coordinator

Location: 276 Main Street – Suite 2, PO Box 396, Schoharie, NY 12157

Desk Phone: (518) 295-8778

Office Phone: (518) 295-8303

Fax: (518) 295-8788


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