Office for the Aging Outreach Services

Identifying and maintaining contact with persons 60 years of age and older, through home visits, telephone contact, community presentations and by them visiting the Office for the Aging.


Providing information on programs, services, and benefits available to older persons through the Office for the Aging and/or other Human Services providers, depending on client need to allow for remaining independent.


(With a client’s permission) Sharing information with other Office for the Aging staff, or other agencies or service providers that will assist the client in meeting his or her needs.

Case Management:

A focal point for identifying the needs of both the client and informal caregiver. A means for maximizing all resources and services available in the community to meet those needs. Specifically, case management organizes service access for the individual. It is the linkage among client, informal caregiver, and formal service provider which facilitates an appropriate, comprehensive and coordinated plan of service in response to client’s needs.