Do 1 Thing – January

Once you know what disasters could happen in your community, there are things you can do to lower your risk of injury or property damage. Here are some suggestions.

Tornado – Add a tornado safe room to your home, or add extra protection to an existing room to keep your family safe in a tornado. Look for FEMA publication 320 for more information.

Hurricane – Install hurricane shutters. Keep trees around your house trimmed to prevent damage from falling branches. Secure your soffits to make sure that they won’t provide a way for wind and water to get into your home. Make sure entryway doors have three hinges and a deadbolt lock.

Wildfire – Use fire-resistant building materials like shingles and siding. Cut back branches and brush within 30 feet of your home. Keep firewood at least 30 feet away. Check into the National Fire Protection Association’s Firewise program for more ideas.

Flood – Elevate your home above the base flood level or take steps to floodproof. Elevate your utilities above the base flood level. Make sure you have adequate flood venting. Use flood-resistant building materials when you build or remodel. Taking steps like these can lower your flood insurance rates.

Earthquake – Secure your furniture, appliances, and water heater to walls and floors. Install safety catches on cabinets and cupboard doors. Make sure your appliances are connected with flexible connections. Consider using a safety film on your windows or installing laminated glass to prevent injuries from broken glass.

Schoharie County Office of Emergency Services, the Red Cross,, and many other organizations also promote preparedness. Find the materials that will work best for your organization and become a partner in preparing your community!

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