Do 1 Thing – March

Emergency shelters will be opened when people are displaced from their homes. In most areas emergency shelters are operated by the American Red Cross. At the Red Cross Shelter:

Red Cross will provide:

  • A cot to sleep on
  • Meals and bottled water
  • A nurse for basic medical care
  • Information about the disaster from public officials

You may need to bring:

  • A cot to sleep on
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Your own medication and medical supplies (or a list of what you are taking, dosage, and Dr’s names)
  • Identification
  • Change of clothes
  • Cards or magazines
  • Comfort items

Not allowed in the shelter:

  • Weapons or alcohol
  • Pets (except for service animals)

Schoharie County Animal Response Team (CART) may offer to care for your pets or set up an animal shelter outside of the Red Cross Shelter.

Other Sheltering Tasks