Emergency Operations Center Organization


The EOC staff will use the National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) to manage all emergencies. ICS allows the Organization to expand and contract as needed and only fill those positions needed during each incident or emergency.

The EOC Staff will be organized into three (3) main functional areas:

1.   Emergency Policy Team (EPT)

  1.    Chairman of the Board of Supervisors
  2.    OES Director
  3.    Schoharie County (SC) Treasurer
  4.    SC Sheriff
  5.    SC Director of Personnel
  6.    SC Attorney
  7.    President of the SC Department Head Association

2.   Management Staff

  1.    OES Director
  2.    EOC Manager
  3.    EOC Safety Officer
  4.    EOC Public Information Officer (PIO)
  5.    EOC Liaison
  6.    EOC Chiefs of Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration Sections

3.   General Staff

  1.    ESF Lead and Support Agencies
  2.    EOC Support Staff