Sheriff’s County Jail

In the fall of 1992, a County Jail that can house up to 81 inmates was opened. In 1998, with state permission, the facility was allowed to increase its capacity to 89 without an increase in staff. This size facility allows for growth and to board in inmates from other counties to offset facility expenses. Required services include: a kitchen, medical unit, non-elective dental treatment, mental health assistance, educational and religious services and a commissary. Other programs include Alcoholics Anonymous, Substance Abuse counseling, one-on-one counseling and bible study. Most of these programs are provided by community volunteers.

Under the supervision of a Deputy, an inmate work crew performs services for communities such as cutting brush, mowing grass, painting, shoveling snow and other various outside work. This service is available to all non-profit agencies and county municipalities.

Staffing this 24-hour operating facility includes the Jail Administrator, 1st Sergeant, three shift Sergeants, three Corporals, twenty-four Deputy Sheriff’s, two cooks, a medical staff, and part-time employees. The Jail can be reached at 518-295-2264.

Segregated Confinement Statistics