Youth Bureau Programs

Youth As Leaders:

The mission of the Youth As Leaders program in Schoharie County is to provide an opportunity for youth to enhance their personal skills and leadership abilities while voicing their concerns and learning to take a leadership role in their community. The Youth As Leaders program arranges for youth to become acquainted with community needs and resources, encourages their interests and participation through leadership development, and assists in finding solutions for quality of life issues in Schoharie County. As youth participate in the program, they will become young individuals who are caring and participate in community leadership activities and responsibilities throughout Schoharie County. Students are chosen by their schools to start their sophomore year and they continue with the program until graduation.

Sophomore Year: Learn leadership skills through team-based adventure games and build relationships across the county school districts.

Junior Year: Apply concepts and skills learned to plan projects or activities that focus on youth involvement for either leisure time or community service.

Senior Year: Facilitate what has been learned and pass it along to the new incoming sophomore class and/or community groups during workshops.

Team-building Workshops:

The Youth Bureau is willing to facilitate team-based games to youth and/or youth workers that are interested. We start out with ice-breaker activities and work our way to initiatives that focus on problem solving as a group and we debrief the activities and daily experiences and relate what they have experienced into real life.

****The Schoharie County Youth Bureau is always open to coordinating new events/activities for youth. If anyone is interested in our activities or would like to plan something new, please contact the Schoharie County Youth Bureau.