Richmondville Zoning & Building Code Enforcement Officer, Multiple Residence Inspector

Cliff Dorrough

Location: 104 Municipal Ln, Richmondville, NY 12149 (1st left off of Podpadic Road)
Mailing Address: 104 Municipal Lane, Richmondville, NY 12149
Phone: (518) 294-5515
Fax: (518) 618-4317
Hours: Thursday 8am-2pm and Friday 4pm-6pm

Inspections require 48 hour notice

Building Permit Application

Land Use Action Form *This is needs to be completed with Building Permit

Complaint Form

Fillable Sign Permit

Schoharie County 911 Application

Affidavit by Property Owner

Please email the complaint form to or to drop off at the Town Office in the provided drop box.

Town of Richmondville Building Procedures

The following steps should be followed by those wishing to build in the town of Richmondville.

    1. Steps:
  1. Call Zoning Officer to obtain building packet. The packet will contain a Zoning Application, Building Permit Application, Construction Specifications, Application for Construction, Application for C/O and Workers’ Comp. Form. When forms are filled out, call to meet with the Zoning Officer.
  2. The Zoning Officer approves or denies zoning requests according to local laws. If denied you have the right to appeal by meeting with the Zoning Board of Appeals. If appeal is granted, go to step 3. If you live in the Planned Development District (PDD – all of Rt. 7), a zoning permit will automatically be denied, which you can then take your denial form and meet with the Planning Board for approval. When you have written approval, by either board, you may proceed to step 3.
  3. The Building Inspector issues the Building Permit and assesses the fees. The Building Inspector will inform you of the necessary inspection requirements.
  4. Building permits are valid for 1 year. It is the applicant’s responsibility to call for FINAL INSPECTION AND/OR A RENEWAL.
  5. Upon completion of the building project a Certificate of Occupancy form must be filed with the Building Inspector. The Building Inspector issues Certificate of Occupancy after Final Inspection is completed.